Located only 15 minutes from Helsinki airport, we are the largest site in Finland providing hands-on driving training in challenging, year-round slippery conditions. Thanks to the local climate, we have ice and snow for part of the year, however special materials are used to maintain winter-like conditions even during summer months.

What would you like to do while waiting on your connecting flight? Get an exciting 2-3 hour experience with us!

Our goal is to offer facilities for inspiring and safe driving experience to drivers of all ages. We encourage people to learn more today, so they will drive more safely, taking the environmental aspects into account. Since 1993, more than 400 000 students have received this experience, supervised by our highly skilled training instructors. Thanks to the top-notch services of the site, it is very popular amongst driving schools but also perfectly suited for groups as well as professional drivers for test and presentation purposes.

Besides driving training and theory lessons, the Road Excellence Center includes hands-on demonstration tools to gain awareness of consequences should a road accident occur. Supervised by our teachers, visitors gain understanding on some simple preventive actions to be taken to minimize risk of having an accident. The latest implementation is the Tunnel of Choices, a tool forcing an individual to make quick decisions while exposed to virtual group pressure.
Our operation is approved by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. Welcome!


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UAR Finland Oy
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Bookings on weekdays 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00
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